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Millions of years to create Your window to explore

Special to Sun Life Magazine – January 2016

by: Phil Kennedy / Aussie World Travel

There it was, a thousand year old Hoop Pine guarding in a sense the world heritage rain forests. Volcanic plateaus forged by time, brimming with wildlife that flourished here long before they were named.

It was just after a late summer’s afternoon storm, the mist was rising from the mountains cleansed once more and giving way to rolling green hills, cattle grazing, a mob of kangaroos competing for the pasture, a flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos dancing in the last light of day. However it was the distant thunder of a waterfall that drew my attention away.

A short walk through the forest unveiled a ribbon of spray, the falls were in her glory. Wow, we had the entire place to ourselves; we lingered until the last of the sunsets rays diminished beyond what little remained of the storm clouds.

The twilight glow was rapidly fading and we stuck around for millions of stars to light the night sky above. The Southern Cross quickly became evident, as did the “milky way”. We dreamed of far away planets and the miracle of life, creation, all such beyond our comprehension.

How blessed we are to have the opportunity “in the moment” to melt into this environment, this beautiful place seemingly created just for us. How we need to protect, to appreciate, to ensure this place of majestic beauty is preserved for all generations after us.

Phil invites you, to fulfill your dreams, through the “lens of his homelands,” if it’s a walk on the plush side or a stroll in the wilderness, if it’s just a week or just a month or two, the Islands of the South Pacific, or the great southlands of Australia and New Zealand are open for business. Some of the friendliest people of our world welcome you. Some of the last remaining pristine environments of our world await you.

Hop in to 2016 with some great choreographed touring Contributed by Phil Kennedy/ personalized tour choreographer of Aussie, Kiwi and South Pacific Islands along with the great African Safari.