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Aircruise Downunder 2016/17 with Aussie World Travel
Special to Sun Life Magazine – April 2016
Written by Phil Kennedy of Aussie World Travel
Short on time, long on choreographed vacation desires? I want to see it all! Come fly with me, let's do it while we can and because we can…… This month I will take you on not one, but two, of my amazing “bucket list” journeys. Let's first look at The Great Australian Aircruise, because after all “there's nothing like Australia”, right! From the iconic city to the majestic outback, bathing you in ... Read more
So what's on your travel bucket list for 2016-17?
Special to Sun Life Magazine – March 2016
By Phil Kennedy / Aussie World Travel
I am so glad you asked!

ON a recent trip to Western Australia's North West Kimberley region I was so close to my Aquatic Northwest Dream – yet I will undoubtedly return for my “trip of a lifetime,” yes, the Bucket List Experience!” You see, I was in Broome for a few glorious days on a travel mission to learn. And I discovered that this exotic multinational town with its captivating & romantic ... Read more
Millions of years to create Your window to explore ….
Special to Sun Life Magazine – January 2016
by: Phil Kennedy / Aussie World Travel
There it was, a thousand year old Hoop Pine guarding in a sense the world heritage rain forests. Volcanic plateaus forged by time, brimming with wildlife that flourished here long before they were named.

It was just after a late summer's afternoon storm, the mist was rising from the mountains cleansed once more and giving way to rolling green hills, cattle grazing, a mob of kangaroos competing for ... Read more